Bayleigh L. Stovall Memorial Scholarship

1. Recipient must have a high school GPA of 3.0 or greater.
2. Recipient will be a freshman student (recent high school graduate is preferred)
3. First preference will be given to a student graduating from El Dorado High School; if there is no such student then the scholarship can be awarded to student graduating from a high school in Butler County.
4. Recipient must have participated in more than one fine arts activity while attending high school.
5. Recipient will provide at least one nomination letter from their high school Fine Arts teacher or play director.
Fine Arts is defined as performing arts (dance, music, and theatre); media arts (film production, video, TV animation), and visual arts (painting, drawing, pottery, ceramics, sculpting, wood-carving, leather working, textiles, jewelry, glass arts, architecture, photography).
Award amount will be split between two semesters

Dr. Ashlie Jack and Joe and Laura Jack