Alan and Bobbie Jaax

Alan and Bobbie Jaax

Alan and Bobbie both grew up in the 50s and 60s, he on a wheat and dairy farm in west Wichita and Bobbie in the city in east Wichita. But they didn’t meet until a dance at Kansas State University. They married while still at KSU and both graduated in 1969, Alan with a degree in Business/Marketing and Bobbie in English/Secondary Education. Alan completed the ROTC program while at K-State and began armor basic training in Kentucky immediately after graduation, while Bobbie stayed in Manhattan and completed student teaching.

They spent two years at Ft. Lee, Va. where Alan was the Army Emergency Relief Officer and Bobbie taught English at Peabody High School in nearby Petersburg, Va.
At the end of his 2-yr. service commitment, they returned to KS and Alan accepted employment with the Federal Land Bank, a farm and ranch loan association. As Alan gained experience in the Farm Credit System, they lived a summer in Enid, OK; a year in Altamont, KS; a year in Chanute; 9 months in Eureka; and 10 years in Marysville, KS where Alan was President and CEO.

In 1984 they returned to Wichita and Alan headed up review and audit in The Farm Credit Bank of Wichita. In 1997 he was hired as President and CEO of the Farm Credit Association of Central KS. He retired from the Farm Credit System in Dec., 2009 after 38 years of service.

During the years in KS, Bobbie taught school in Altamont, Chanute, Eureka, and Wichita.

Their children are: Shannon born in 1974 is married to Ruben Alonso and lives in Kansas City, MO. Shannon continues her KC, MO school district planning and real estate work. Ruben runs a community development financial firm (AltCap) in KC, MO. He recently joined an advisory council for the Federal Reserve Bank.

Anthony born in 1977 lives in east Wichita and works at the Urology Center.

Christopher born in 1982 is married to Emily Truman, lives in west Wichita and is head football coach at Newton High School, Newton, KS.
Emily is a CPA at Kirkpatrick, Sprecker and Company, LLP. They have three children, Genevieve born in 2012, Judah born in 2014 and Atticus born in 2016.

Alan and Bobbie moved to rural El Dorado in Dec., 2010 where Alan raises black and red Angus cattle in his retirement.